Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The BLIZZARD of 2009...

And we played in it!!

We Wish You A Merry Christmas....

Gannon & Tobi on Christmas Eve

Every year we set out Cookies, Milk & a special treat for Rudolph

Gannon was REALLY excited about Christmas this year, he gets the concept of Santa, but he also knows the TRUE meaning of CHRISTmas!

This is his Baby Jesus he made at School
He was SO excited to celebrate Jesus' Birthday. He sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and Jingle Bells to me.
I have it on video and it is SUPER cute!
If I can figure out how to post it I will...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree Part 2

Every year we get an ornament for Gannon. My parents & grandparents did it for my brother and I every year. So we decided to do the same with Gannon.
He got his number 4 for his fourth Christmas and then I let him pick out some other fun ornaments, he chose Batman, Hot Wheels & Superman...these are things that are currently interesting to him.

So I let Gannon take some pics of Kyle and Me, then we each took some with Gannon and we CAN'T forget our signature family photo!!

Hugging daddy so tight he is squishing his glasses!

We also drove to Yukon to check out some christmas lights!

(Can't find those photos, but I will post them ASAP!)

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

Well The Foster Tree is UP!

We have a tradition that we always decorate the tree on Thanksgiving…

We have a late lunch and then get the tree and all of the decorations out of the attic.

I feel bad that I didn’t decorate as much this year, I have just been SO busy with my photography that I just didn’t feel

like setting EVERYTHING up.

Plus that means there is LESS to take down!


Gannon likes to play this game where he hides and you have to find him. It is similar to hide & seek BUT

if you find him to soon he gets VERY upset!

So it is a 10 minute game of looking ALL over the house in places you know that he isn’t and acting surprised that he isn’t there.

It was REALLY cute at FIRST…but this is am EVERYDAY occurrence that happens when either I or Kyle come home.

So he decided to hide in the tree box and waited FOREVER for Kyle to find him.



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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gannon the Lion…

Gannon LOVES to play lion!

Everyone has to participate…toilet paper always makes the PERFECT tail!

This lion costume is on loan from his cousins house. It is a 2T and is getting small but Gannon doesn’t care…He alternates between his lion outfit, Spiderman floatie swimsuit, pirate costume & his firefighters costume.

His imagination is AMAZING! He loves to pretend and the other night I was working on getting the STUDIO ready for winter sessions.

So he was my model and he would only do it if he was Gannon the Lion…so making his debut on the blog is Gannon the Lion!

Enjoy the pics!


 -5    Can’t forget about Tobi…He is my model and light tester when Gannon doesn’t want to be.-2 -4 

There is something about this picture that is so innocent…

I wasn’t trying to get this shot it just happened and he was laughing so hard…


Can’t forget about that ADORABLE Lion Tail! HAHA


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We wish you a Merry Christmas…

and a Happy New Year!

This is one of the songs that Gannon sang at his 1st Christmas Program!!

Gannon’s class sang 2 songs…and I still haven’t figured out the name of the second one, HAHA

Something to do with riding in a a donkey that goes clop, clop, clop??

It is hard to understand 3 dozen 3yr olds singing a different word at the same time!

Of course Gannon got stuck behind the girl with the LARGEST bow…but oh well!

What I could see of him was ADORABLE and I was a VERY proud mommy that night!

Enjoy the pics!



The little girl in the red dress in front of Gannon is Hadley (aka his girlfriend), she is ADORABLE!


Isn’t Gannon handsome!!!


Gannon and my parents… Kyle and I didn’t have a chance to take a picture with him :(


Gannon jumping with Uncle Jared & Aunt Tiff

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