Sunday, March 21, 2010

Calm before the Snow Storm??

Friday was a beautiful day, windy but beautiful! We were outside for about 3.5 hours…Gannon played with his Kite, he got this kite for his 3rd birthday and it is still in perfect condition, not sure how but it is!


IMG_0616   IMG_0583

Gannon helped Daddy get the kite out of the street…and then Gannon was able to get the kite off the ground with the help of Daddy! 

I LOVE THIS PICTURE!! I just need to find somewhere to hang it and then I am going to print it in a 16x20  IMG_0672-2

IMG_0687  IMG_0685

I have always wanted to get some pictures of Gannon blowing bubbles and I finally got some…it is SO windy down here and it is hard to get good ones.                                               


The next thing we did was POP-ITS.


Did you ever do these when you were a kid? These are one of my favorite “fireworks”…

We got these last year to use and forgot to use them.

Gannon LOVED them…what kid doesn’t?? You throw something on the ground and it makes a loud pop.


IMG_0700  IMG_0712  IMG_0710


After playing with the pop-its Gannon wanted to ride his

4 wheeler my parents got him for Christmas.


He is getting so big and was riding like he was in a race, well he was pretending he was in a race.

I set up the small basketball goal for him to ride around,

I set it up so he could do a figure 8 but didn’t tell him that.


After he went around the goal and tree he came up to me and said, “uh mom, I just did a figure 8”, I told him that yes he did and asked him how he knew what that was…

I don’t remember his answer, probably because he told me as he was speeding off.



This was his first time riding like a big boy and “standing up”, don’t you just LOVE the tongue and the glasses crack me up!

He has a larger head (maybe because he is a genius, lol)

He can’t fit the ones from Children’s Place even though they are made for 5-7 yr olds.


THIS is the look I got…he didn’t want me to take his picture…poor kid! It must suck to have a mom as a photographer! :)


He has been writing his name since before Christmas but this is the first time in the driveway, we are learning about letters and how when you put them

together and sound them out they make words, he wants to read SO bad!

He actually spelled “Garage” tonight while I was working, just walked up to me and rattled it off, I was SO proud of him!


I LOVE THIS SMILE!!! He is just so sweet! I love waking up to this EVERYDAY!!


LOVE how you can see ME in his glasses!


Hope you enjoyed our DAY!….UP Next….SNOW STORM!!! (We’ve gotten about 5 inches so far)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

1-2-3 Imagine…Elmo Live

My Husband was able to get us FREE VIP tickets…I knew they were on the floor down low but wasn’t sure what “on the floor” meant.  I invited my good friend Crystal and her son Logan to join us…so we all walked in handed the guy our tickets and he lead us to our seat. I’m thinking oh these must be our seats right here in the middle…well he kept going, all the way to the FRONT, I remember turning around and looking at Crystal and thinking, OMG! We are FRONT AND CENTER!! We could not have asked for better seats. We were almost even with the middle of the stage. The boys loved it and I think we did too!


Gannon & Logan waiting for it to start!


Logan, Crystal,Gannon & Me after the show


Me & Gannon, I love this pic!  


DSC_0695  DSC_0699 

The whole show was about Imagining, they all received postcards and they had to imagine someplace they wanted to be. It was 1 cover your eyes, 2 think your there, 3 you can be ANYWHERE…

Ernie giving HIGH FIVES! Gannon is SO excited he got a high five!

DSC_0676  DSC_0806  DSC_0739

We also met Grover, Zoe & Abby Cadabby

DSC_0675 DSC_0763 DSC_0824 

Rosita wanted to go to Mexico, Ernie wanted to sail a ship, Bert wanted to go to the bottom of the ocean and I forget who wanted to go to Africa(it might have been elmo).

DSC_0714 DSC_0721 DSC_0734 DSC_0777

Gannon “chopping” his hair off, the balloons shown were $10 each and were gone in less then 10mins.

      DSC_0819  DSC_0753

Gannon and I during the show.


          DSC_0700    DSC_0761

Big Bird wanted to go to a Parade so they imagined they were in New Orleans. All the Characters did a parade in front of the stage and then went on stage and sang a song and confetti went everywhere.

  DSC_0813  DSC_0821     

We all had a FABULOUS time and the boys LOVED it! Now if only Toy Story would come….

Thursday, March 11, 2010

spit bubbles and monster trucks

Could it get any better??


Don't think so!


Gannon is OBSESSED with blowing the BIGGEST spit bubble and then popping it in your face!

So I was FINALLY able to get a picture of the "infamous" spit bubble!



Gannon loves monster trucks! 

It was finally nice enough outside to play in the yard and get down and dirty with his monster trucks! 

I love watching him play because his imagination is AMAZING!!IMG_0432IMG_0439 IMG_0435 IMG_0434Gannon is growing up so fast…just the other day I was bringing him home from the hospital… 

Monday, March 8, 2010

weekend fun!

This past weekend my company Heaven to Earth Photography had a contest and after I was done shooting at the park Kyle & Gannon came by to play…we went on a dinosaur hunt and was looking for a chickasaurus…kind of like a chicken and dinosaur combined? We found the “wishbone” to the chickasaurus and also found its “hip bone” and “teeth”. The “wishbone” was a large branch shaped like a wishbone, the “hip bone” was a giant flat rock and the “teeth” were part of a concrete curb that was chipping. I love Gannon’s imagination!  After the walk we went to our FAVORITE frozen yogurt place, formally known as ORANGE TREE it is now PEACHWAVE?? I guess there was a trademark conflict. It is like a Cold Stone, but BETTER! It is frozen yogurt and the cheesecake is my FAV! There is all kinds of fruit, cereal, granola, candy and other toppings as well as fudge, caramel & cherry syrups. It is cheaper then Cold Stone, you only get how much you want and you put as many toppings on it as you want and it is …..33 cents and ounce. We usually spend about $6-7 in there…we would have spent $15-20 at Cold Stone for ice cream we wouldn’t even have eaten.


We also finished Gannon’s headboard…we (meaning ME) got the plans from here but built it in a full size.

I didn’t add the fabric board to the inside because I think I want to put cork or magnets up there, still not sure yet. Here are some pictures from before I stained it.DSC_0666  DSC_0664 Because we rent we aren’t allowed to paint the walls. I like the animals but not in his room, they scare him and they don’t match. So I am hanging white fabric on the wall with the most animals on it. It isn’t my fav idea but it covers the animals up!

The headboard took about 2 hours, that includes sanding and Gannon helping me. It cost about $70 but we bought a higher quality wood to stain and needed nails and glue.  If you ever need plans for furniture make sure to check out “Knock Off Wood” she makes FABULOUS plans and explains everything!

I have about 10 more things I want to build but need room and $$$ to do it!

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