Saturday, October 31, 2009


Gannon is a FIREFIGHTER for Halloween this year…

and the pictures will be posted tomorrow night!

Here are some pics from the last 3  yrs of Halloween!

Enjoy and have a safe and Happy Halloween!


2 1/2 yrs old


1 1/2 yrs old

pumpkintown2 gan&mompte Ganbdayinvite ganbdayinvite2

7 months old 


Friday, October 30, 2009

EMERGENCY….Firefighter Gannon to the rescue!

Isn’t he ADORABLE!!

Ok so maybe I am just a LITTLE biased!

My parents came down this weekend for a wedding and came over to play for awhile before and Gannon got out his costume and fire truck and was putting out fires all over the house…

Mostly the pumpkins were on fire, LOL



-5  -6 -7




Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This past weekend when I was in Tulsa I purposefully didn’t schedule many sessions so that I could take Gannon to the

pumpkin patch and actually spend some time with him!

We ran through the maze( it made feel like I was going to throw up…ugh, it was made from that bright orange construction fencing with the holes in it)

and found the PERFECT pumpkin!

It was perfectly round and had a stem long enough Gannon could hold on to.

While I was at dinner with a friend my parents helped Gannon clean out and carve his perfect pumpkin…it is now starting to mold and headed for the trash after Saturday (or when I can get his pic with it)

Here are his official “Pumpkin Patch Pictures” and some snapshots



-2-2-1-3-2-3  -3-3-4-2   -3-2 -1-2

Gannon and his Oma & Papa….

My dad has his eyes closed in 90% of the pictures he is in…even some of my wedding pics

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


SO I FINALLY got to go to my FIRST OU Game!

I know, I know…I just haven’t had the chance and what better game to go to then the OU/TEXAS game!

It was MASS insanity! There were people EVERYWHERE!

You have 90,000 fans+ people at the fair = CRAZYNESS


We had great seats and had a fun weekend without Gannon, don’t get me wrong I missed him like CRAZY but

it was nice to have time as a couple!


Enjoy the pics!



-30 -27

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hot Dogs & S’mores…

are 2 things I like about fall.

I LOVE campfires, the smell, the atmosphere, hanging out with friends, the stories told and the memories made.

I miss campfires…haven’t had one in YEARS…because I have a child.

So Gannon was invited to a birthday party at his friend Owens’ house and it was so much fun and laid back.

They had a campfire where you could roast hotdogs and make burn s’mores.

Gannon had alot of fun and actually was in interested in the fire. He hasn’t ever been around one before and he knows that it can burn you.

So he roasted his hotdog and ate the hotdog and caught his s’more on fire…his idea, not mine (i like mine SLIGHTLY tan and warm).

The smoke kept getting in Gannon’s eyes so he could really care less about the fire (THANK GOD) and jumped on the trampoline for 2hrs.

Enjoy the pics from this weekend!



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Friday, October 9, 2009

Dishes, Preschool and the in between…

So Gannon loves to clean…well let me rephrase that!

He likes to move clothes to the washer/dryer and help take them out.

He likes to help unload the dishwasher, right now I put all the sharp knives away and he does the rest of the silverware all by himself. It is ADORABLE! He is SO focused at the task at hand he goes into this daze.

But it is a knock down drag out battle for me to get him to pick up his toys…

So we are cleaning the playroom and donating toys and putting the baby toys away for baby #2 whenever that happens.



Gannon putting the cups away…


Putting the silverware away…


Preschool has now been in session for 5wks

Everyone told me to give Gannon a month before he would be okay with the drop off.


So let me start at the beginning…Every time I would drop him off at school I would be there at LEAST 15 mins with him because he was SO up set. So last week (week 4) he would be fine and singing about school and ready to go, well we would get 10 feet from the classroom door and he would turn and run back to the main doors. Sometimes I chased him sometimes I didn’t, I didn’t want it to become a game.

So I let his teacher chase him, LOL

While she was chasing him I left through the side door, after I knew that she caught him(I could see through the window) I would leave feeling horrible that he was so upset.

I want this to be a good experience for him, not something that he remembers that is sad.


So that brings us to week 5…

Last week beginning of week 5 he was a TOTALLY different kid!

We always go over what he will do at school before bedtime to get him excited about school the next day.

On the way to school we were making up songs and singing and he told me that he was going to have “A good day!” So I said back to him “Yep, you are! You are going to do sand art and it is going to be SO much fun!”

He also informed me that I am NOT allowed in his classroom and that he was. So I agreed with him…

We get to school late that day and as soon as we got there he kissed me goodbye waved and ran into the class shutting the door on me…Not sure what was in the Benadryl that I gave him the night before but it worked!



So Wednesday was the same routine except we got there early… the classroom doors don’t open till 9:30 and we got there a few mins before so we were standing in the hall waiting and Gannon kissed me and told me to leave…WHAT, I can’t leave you in the hall by yourself!

So we went from screaming & running to kisses, waves and telling me to leave early???

Next thing I know he will just have me drop him off at the main entrance…LOL

Hope everyone is staying warm!! I know I am FREEZING my butt off!

Have a great Friday!!

~  Jenn


Friday, October 2, 2009

Playing on the Playground…

I met up with Gannon’s teachers daughter to talk about 2nd shooting a wedding with me….

and while I was waiting snapped these pics of my ADORABLE son (I am a bit partial)

Gannon riding the tricycle at school showing me his racing face


Gannon sitting on top of the climber…he also likes to climb to the top and drop all the way down. Def a little scary to know that your child does that at school.   -8 -12e-1-5

    -4-27 -9


Tomorrow’s post will be about Thomas the Train!!


Fun in the field and in the empty barn…

So my son’s preschool teacher’s daughter(did ya get all of that?) is into photography,and I have been looking for someone that can help me shoot weddings, so this is perfect! She already has a camera and knows how to use it (needs to brush up on her skills, but gets the point) . So I decided to take her to this field…unfortunately none of the flowers were blooming (BUMMER) but I still got some neat shots… SO ENJOY!!

-28   -55  -57  -67-65-75


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