Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A crown for a prince…well sort of





Today Gannon had to go to the dentist…he went a few weeks ago and the dentist said that he has porous teeth, so because of that he has week teeth…so we had sealant put on his teeth so that they don’t get cavities, a crown on a tooth that has basically just chipped away over time and 2 soft spots that will eventually turn into cavities…

We were only at the dentist yesterday for an hour and the procedure only took 20-30, we went ahead and sealed the other 3 teeth since he was doing so good. He was such a trooper and did WAY better then I could have! They staff is AMAZING at the office and were constantly encouraging him and praising him the whole time!  They gave him gas and then they put numbing cream on and then gave him the shot to finish numbing his mouth, he did EXCELLANT during the shot, he was relaxed from the gas, he did tense up towards the end but did so good! When we got done we went and got Gannon a HUGE chocolate milkshake and of course all that he wanted was fries…when we got home we watched noggin and took a nap, his poor little face is still swollen at bed time and he has the most ADORABLE crooked smile, His right cheek is swollen and he looks like a baby with chubby cheeks, he says he doesn’t remember anything but me singing to him, the blue “light saber” (the light that bonds the sealant) and at the most random times would just start laughing, it was so funny and all I could do was look at the assistant and laugh with him.  He actually at one point starting humming while she was getting the tooth ready for the crown. I love this boy more than anything and I am so glad that he did well (and that I did too, I had to make sure I wasn’t squeezing his hand, lol)

Here are some before and after pics from today! ENJOY!

(and if you need a wonderful dentist let me know and I will send them their info!)




 IMG_1740  IMG_1729IMG_1747


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