Sunday, March 21, 2010

Calm before the Snow Storm??

Friday was a beautiful day, windy but beautiful! We were outside for about 3.5 hours…Gannon played with his Kite, he got this kite for his 3rd birthday and it is still in perfect condition, not sure how but it is!


IMG_0616   IMG_0583

Gannon helped Daddy get the kite out of the street…and then Gannon was able to get the kite off the ground with the help of Daddy! 

I LOVE THIS PICTURE!! I just need to find somewhere to hang it and then I am going to print it in a 16x20  IMG_0672-2

IMG_0687  IMG_0685

I have always wanted to get some pictures of Gannon blowing bubbles and I finally got some…it is SO windy down here and it is hard to get good ones.                                               


The next thing we did was POP-ITS.


Did you ever do these when you were a kid? These are one of my favorite “fireworks”…

We got these last year to use and forgot to use them.

Gannon LOVED them…what kid doesn’t?? You throw something on the ground and it makes a loud pop.


IMG_0700  IMG_0712  IMG_0710


After playing with the pop-its Gannon wanted to ride his

4 wheeler my parents got him for Christmas.


He is getting so big and was riding like he was in a race, well he was pretending he was in a race.

I set up the small basketball goal for him to ride around,

I set it up so he could do a figure 8 but didn’t tell him that.


After he went around the goal and tree he came up to me and said, “uh mom, I just did a figure 8”, I told him that yes he did and asked him how he knew what that was…

I don’t remember his answer, probably because he told me as he was speeding off.



This was his first time riding like a big boy and “standing up”, don’t you just LOVE the tongue and the glasses crack me up!

He has a larger head (maybe because he is a genius, lol)

He can’t fit the ones from Children’s Place even though they are made for 5-7 yr olds.


THIS is the look I got…he didn’t want me to take his picture…poor kid! It must suck to have a mom as a photographer! :)


He has been writing his name since before Christmas but this is the first time in the driveway, we are learning about letters and how when you put them

together and sound them out they make words, he wants to read SO bad!

He actually spelled “Garage” tonight while I was working, just walked up to me and rattled it off, I was SO proud of him!


I LOVE THIS SMILE!!! He is just so sweet! I love waking up to this EVERYDAY!!


LOVE how you can see ME in his glasses!


Hope you enjoyed our DAY!….UP Next….SNOW STORM!!! (We’ve gotten about 5 inches so far)


Sheila March 22, 2010 at 11:40 AM  

Awesome pics! LOVE the one of Gannon blowing bubbles! WAY TO GO!!!

Hanny March 25, 2010 at 12:10 PM  


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