Thursday, September 24, 2009

What a LOOOOONG Day…

Gannon is just wearing me OUT, is it bedtime yet???

I got up Wednesday morning at 8:45 to take Gannon to school and didn’t go to sleep until 5:15 this morning…

Yes that is my fault but I am SO busy and Kyle & Gannon didn't go to bed till 2:15(actually Gannon went to bed at 10 and then woke up at 12) so I still needed my mommy time.

So I got up this morning at 9am drove to Drummond left there at 12:40 and drove home.

I was asleep 15 mins after walking in the house! THANK GOODNESS Gannon fell asleep also!

After I watch  my shows tonight (even I can even stay up that long) I am off to sleep.

Have to pack in the morning for Tulsa…Shooting the Will Rogers HS 30yr Reunion this weekend, children’s session &

a senior rep session…Busy weekend! Hopefully I will get some sleep somewhere in there!



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